Your email ID and Mobile number used while registering your profile is important. Use the same Email ID and Mobile Number while contacting us for any matters regarding the Profile. You may not get response if you use any other email or Mobile.




Certain TIPS are given here to familiarize with our site:

On logging in with your Login ID (use your email ID or Matri ID as Login ID) and password, you will get your page.


Use the First Link – My Matrimony to add Photo/s and Horoscope. The Photo/s or Horoscope should be there in your computer to upload the same.



Your Horoscope and Photos will be visible only on approval from our side. If these items are not available even after 24 hours, you may please inform us to approve the same.


2nd Link – My Profile:

You can edit your Profile in this section.

Profile is divided into segments with a green signal (symbol of a palm)

Click the particular segment which you want to edit and do the correction/s and click “Submit”.

Your data is corrected automatically and no approval from our side is required.


3rd Link - My Search.


You can have an Age vice, Educational, Location, Profession, or the kind of search available.


“View Full Profile”  -  only allowed for the PAID members.

Just below the Photo portion, you will get “My Album”, “Contact Details” and “Horoscope”


When ever you enter into “View Full Profile”,

Please write down the Contact details. Because, these items will not be available in the Print out or Save Page (PDF).


You can get the Print of the profile or you can save the profile you searched in your computer.

This will help you not entering into the same profile for the 2nd time.

Please note that your “View Full Profile” will be counted every time you enter into the same and the number of entry allowed will be reducing thereby.


Please select "Brides" or "Grooms" before logging in.

Select the Age Group you may require.

Click "Submit" 

You will get the list of members in the Age Group.

You may wiritedown the selected Profile Numbers.

Select "Profile ID Search" and enter the Profile Number you wish to contact.

By loggin in, you will get the Contact details.

Make a note of the Contact details and email ID etc before closing the profile.


You may please contact us for any clarification.